Koomankolly Heritage Resort

A Nature's Gift

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Koomankolly Heritage Resort

"A forest . It is like a Room. It is protected, Like a cathedral, It is a place between heaven and earth " - Anselm Kiefer

Cozy and Charming rooms

Built with ecofriendly and bio degradable materials.

Relax in a holistic atmosphere

Rejuvenate your body mind and soul

Sleep in the lap of nature

Sleep by enjoying the chorus of frogs and crickets and hearing the gentle lullaby of “Kalindi river“. Wake up to an enchanting surroundings with the morning breeze from the mist clouded hills of “Brahmagiri”

Koomankolly Heritage Resort

Bamboo Hut

Fabricated with wood and pre-engineered bamboo. Here you can sleep without an air conditioner in the simple warmth of linen.

Koomankolly Heritage Resort


An elevated hut fabricated in line with the ancient watch towers of “adivasis”. Here you can watch the thick forests of thirunelly and the elegance of brahmagiri hills.

Koomankolly Heritage Resort

Tribal hut

Fabricated totally with tribal technology using Bamboo and mud in an ethnic and indigenous style. Sleeping here takes you to another world.

" …a forest . it is like a Room. It is protected. Like a cathedral…. It is a place between heaven and earth."

                            -Anselm Kiefer